28 August 2016

Slow-Motion Test on EOS-M3

A while ago, I have watched Caleb Pike from DSLR Video Shooter on how to create some nice slow-motion video. While my gears were in anyway sufficient, (EOS-M3 could only go max at 60 fps, 720p), I decided to give it a go anyway. As result in the video, it is not at all perfect corners to corners. But, to my surprise, it turn out to be a pretty good start for a lame 60 fps slow-mo camera. Further software post processing could have pushed the clip further. Anyway, it was a good experience and definitely put some bump on the learning curve.

On a side note: The video and description might be a bit confusing. The EOS-M was shot by the EOS-M3 body with 22 f 2.0 ef-m lens. Yes, I do own both set.

27 August 2016

First Quote of The Blog

"A picture tells a thousand words.
Video at 24 frames per second tells a whole lot more."

This is the beginning of Pocket Origin's Blog.